Listen to my body

I’ve eaten a muffin and crisp chips and drunk Coca-Cola, and now I feel sick. My instinct (or should I say, learned patterning) is to give myself a hard time for eating badly. ‘Of course you’re going to feel sick, you stupid idiot. And what happened to you trying to eat for your body’s health? You started off so well this morning, and now you’ve ruined it.’

But I realise that instead I need to take the time to centre myself and ask my body what she is telling me. So that instead of judging myself, I can empower myself.

If she says ‘please don’t eat those foods‘, then I will feel empowered and can make that decision if I want to. But if I am judged by my ego, I will go into avoidance mode.

Or she might have another message for me. It might be ‘I was t’s ok that you’ve eaten those foods. Lighten up!’

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