Don’t try to be perfect

When I woke this morning I started speaking internally to myself with encouraging talk. It just came spontaneously and it felt natural.

Don’t try to be perfect. You don’t need to be perfect. Enjoy life instead of trying to fix yourself and your problems.

Yesterday in my journal I had asked my guardian angel for help. Help me please Jonathan to feel better and to treat my body with love.

I realise now that it probably was Jonathan and my spirit guides who answered my prayers by helping me to think those thoughts.

The day before yesterday, I asked Jonathan if there was anything he would like to tell me. This is what came to me:

Love yourself, you are loved by the universe. THE UNIVERSE LOVES YOU!

Edit 29/4/17 – and this morning I woke up with loving thoughts again.

I love you Emily, you deserve to be healthy and skinny. You are beautiful and wonderful. 

I feel good

A reminder to FEEL GOOD

The night before last I woke in the night with the words ‘chocolate and sweet orange’. I know the sweet orange referred to the essential oil. That night I had been reading an entry in an old journal about how I had peppermint and sweet orange oils in the3 diffuser and it reminded of of how much I liked those two scents. Especially sweet orange – it has been my favourite since buying the oils a few months back.

Also peppermint/mint and orange are my favourite flavours with chocolate.

That morning I looked up what the sweet orange essential oil was meant to be good for. The flora website says “uplifting and worry-reducing properties” and “carries cheerfulness while simultaneously calms” and “to shift mental negativity and promote feelings of joy”. Wow, that all sounds to be relevant to me at the moment.

Then I looked up my Perfect Potion booklet and it’s description for sweet orange is “warming, uplifting and energising. It nourishes the soul, promotes creativity, sensuality and feelings of joy”. Wow, ‘nourishes the soul’!! That’s exactly what I’ve been working towards.

Also the colour orange has been inspiring me in the last couple of years as I feel it’s a colour for creativity, strength and empowerment. It also seems to be a cheerful colour.

Chocolate…. I wonder what it refers to…. The connotation for me regarding chocolate is the clique that it has endorphins to help make you feel happy.

Later that morning, when I got off the bus in the city on the way to work, I heard the usual busker guy who plays the electric piano. This time the music he was playing was really lively and upbeat. It lifted my mood, and I thought about how it made me feel better and just as I was thinking that, I had looked up and seen the Medibank sign that says “Feel Good”.  It makes me think of their usual slogan ‘I feel better now’. 

I feel better… I think the universe is trying to tell me to feel better. It’s important as per Abraham to FEEL good, to feel the excitement and gratitude and happiness.

Just breathe!

I’ve been feeling in the dumps the last couple of days. Same old – feeling depressed for being fat and for finding everything else to be a struggle. Feeling like I’m trying so hard but always failing and then feeling no motivation to do anything positive for myself. I yelled at myself in the mirror today: “you stupid ugly bitch!”

Anyway while walking down the street on the way to work this morning , I remembered to just. breathe. and stop analysing and judging and worrying… just breathe out… and breathe in… that’s all I need to do in this moment.

At that time I also was reminded about how lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how it helps to just think about something that makes me feel excited. This may seem a novel idea, but I now understand that just the act of thinking about something I want, or that excites me, or that inspires me, always make me feel better and it helps with feeling the connection to the source.   It is better than thinking about what I don’t want or what is depressing me.  I first came across this idea from the “Ask and It Is Given” book by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  What I gleaned from this book is that when I feel upset that something is not as I want it to be, that instead of thinking that it isn’t, to say to myself I hope that it will be.  This automatically changes the energy within the mind and body to feel positive instead of depressive, even if it’s only subtle.  I find this to work in situations where trying to say positive affirmations just makes it worse and aggravates the negative feeling.  I can’t remember if that’s exactly what was said in the book, or whether it’s just how I interpreted the contents in a way that worked for me.

I can see now why the word hope is such an emotive word throughout the world, and it is considered so important for those in need.  Without hope, it’s easy to give up.

The Feminine Power of Trees

I’ve been lying down under the shade of these magnificent trees and realise how they symbolise the influence in my thoughts these days. They are grounded, they are strong in the torso (they stand strong) but also they are flexible and sway in the breeze. Their smaller branches and leaves are delicate and nurturing. They stand tall. They are the epitome of feminine strength. Feminine strength has been what I’ve been drawing upon in my life lately.

Edit: Today as I was listening to a podcast and the speaker said that while we need to be connected to the airy fairy nature of the spiritual, we also need to be grounded.  This made me think about my reference to the symbolism of trees – they are grounded and also reach up into the air.

Down by the river

I’ve been for a stroll along the river and did some stretching along the way. It’s dusk so a really nice time of night, especially out in nature and along the river. I decided to sit down under a tree near the edge of the river, as it was inviting me.

I felt compelled to mediate/relax and feel grounded

I saw a glimpse of the river and sat up and the river looked so beautiful that I took a video. Then when that finished and I went back to home screen, it was 5:55.
Ah, thanks to the guardian angels and nature spirits for always being with me.


I am enough

I was just reading a post on Facebook; an article by Tracey Dawn about three affirmations to say every day. 1. I am grateful, 2. I am abundant and 3. I am enough.

Just as I read the words ‘I am enough’, I realised how full and uncomfortable I’m feeling as I have eaten too much and washed it down with Coke. As I was browsing Facebook I wasn’t aware of how my tummy was feeling ill, it only occurred to me as I read ‘I am enough’. Maybe it was a coincidence but there was something which alerted my attention so I wonder if me eating too much is a subconscious attempt to fill myself up to make me ‘enough’.


This morning I wrote in my journal about three things.  One was about how I’ve been seeing a lot of triple numbers, and how I realised that instead of trying to use these signs as a way of asking myself questions (in order to get closer to my inner guidance) which I’ve always thought they should be for, (though as i don’t have time to do so when i see them, so it gets wasted), that instead I could just use them as a reminder to breathe and connect to the space around me.

The second thing was asking myself what i wanted for today, which was having my work tasks being completed smoothly and time this evening to write a post for this blog.

The third thing was listing the things i’m grateful for.  (I have been trying to ask these two questions to myself as a daily practice)

Today, I had so many triple numbers appearing!  The angels really were trying to get my attention, which I feel is a way of affirming my choice of using the signs as a reminder of breathing and feeling connected.  At work today I saw 1:11, 12:12, 12:22, 22/2, 333, 444,, 12/22, 3:33.

Now, just ten minutes ago I saw the time as 5:55, and this reminded me of my journal post and it made me think about how at work today I had achieved all the important things on my task list, and everything had gone smoothly.  And I felt grateful for this. Thank you to the universe!  I also then remembered that the other thing I had asked for today was time and motivation to write a blog post, which made me think ‘why not just write one now about this topic? as i know we’ll be busy later tonight.