Healing the soul of disease

I’ve been listening to an audiobook, ‘Dying to Wake Up’ by Dr Rajiv Parti.  It’s a fascinating account of his Near Death Experience (NDE) and consequently his change of lifestyle and occupation after his recovery.

He talks of how the light being and the angels told him to change his career and focus on providing ‘consciousness based healing’ to heal diseases of the soul.  These diseases include addiction, depression and chronic pain.  When hearing these ailments being read out, I thought, ‘oh yes, I need help with those’ (in particular addiction and depression) and thought about how it was interesting that they were classified as diseases of the soul (rather than diseases of the body).  I thought about this concept a couple of times when it came up throughout listening to the book.

It was only later, when reflecting about the book and the messages, it suddenly occurred to me, that this concept is all about healing the soul – just like the title of my blog, Heal My Soul!!  I thought about how this is another case of serendipity and the universe calling out to me.  Whether the message to me is that I need to heal my own diseases of my soul, mainly my addiction to coca-cola, by using the techniques that perhaps he might talk about in the book (I haven’t finished it yet, and anticipate that he may do so later in the book) or it could be a reminder to get back on track with this blog, which I see as my creative outlet, which, once again, I have let slide and fall away.

A while back, (around the time that I came up with the title of my blog, Heal My Soul) I was thinking about my health and how energy-less and drained I felt, I found myself getting a picture in my mind, or a sensation, which when I tried to put into words, was that I felt like I was a wounded warrior who needed to retreat and heal before going back into battle.  It was the idea that it was my soul that was the wounded warrior, and it was my soul that needed healing.

This concept comes back to me now with the idea of healing my soul of disease.

Loving myself

Last night in bed before going to sleep I asked God that if there is a message he wanted me to receive and I wake up for it, to please help me remember it in the morning, and to go back to sleep quickly. 

I did wake in the night, not surprisingly, with words in my head. I woke, thought about it and went back to sleep. In the morning I couldn’t remember the details of the message but knew it was about loving myself. 

Later this morning, I was on the way to work and stepped out of the lift and saw the Triple the Love billboard ad that I’ve seen before and written about. It has been a sign in the past to love myself, (refer a previous post).  This ad was quite prominent and really did stare me in the face.   I took a photo as a reminder. 

Finding my earring

Last night I was taking out my earring and the back clasp fell out of my hands and I could feel it as it fell down past my clothes and heard it drop on the floor at my feet.  I thought ‘phew, I heard it drop so I know it will just be there, it’ll be easy to recover’. So I knelt down to look for it, but couldn’t see it anywhere.  I put on my glasses, and grabbed the phone for the torch and thoroughly scoured the floor.  I knew it had to just be there.  I searched everywhere in the vicinity, but I still couldn’t find it… so I looked further afield and laid down on the carpet to peer under the cabinet and the bed.  When I was down on the floor like this, an inner urging tempted me to just turn off the phone and forget about it.  I was about to, then my mind, feeling frustrated, thought ‘no, it really has to be here, it should be easy to find; try again’.

I made myself get up and I searched the whole area completely again, feeling more and more frustrated as I searched in all the same spots, more and more thoroughly, and even more further afield, knowing that it couldn’t have gone that far.  I was pretty cranky by this stage.  ‘It should just be here!’  Once again I laid down on the floor looking under the furniture.  This time I heard the urging again.  I was drawn to just turn the torch off, and to lay down.  As this was the second time I felt this, I realised I should listen to this inner guidance.  So I turned off the torch, and decided to relax; and then I felt an inclination to do some floor stretching exercises while I was there.  Stretching has been on my mind a lot lately as I think it’s something my body needs more of.  I stretched and focused on my breathing and I felt calm and enjoyed the release. I forgot all about the earring clasp. After about 5-10 minutes of this, I sat up while preparing to stand up, and… what do you know… there right in front of me, in the exact same spot that I had been standing when I dropped it, was the earring back!  It was just there shining at me!

I could see why it had been hard to see, as it was so tiny and kind of squished into the carpet, and without light coming from certain angle, the gold colour just blended in with the carpet colour.  From the different angle that I was now seated at, the light was on it, so it was obvious.

This is a reminder that in times of frustration when things are going wrong, it helps to stop, relax, breathe, and stop the mind saying what the situation should be.  Try to look at things from a different angle.  Most importantly, listen to that inner voice that is always trying to be heard.  Listen to that voice instead of letting the mind always taking control.