Safe to be me

safe to be me [heal my soul blog]

21st October 2019.

I find it hard to talk about things such as spirit guides and the spiritual/energetic side of life with most of the people in my life.  Therefore blogging about these sorts of subjects really scares me. This Heal my Soul blog is a way of expressing that part of me which I don’t normally verbalise to my friends and family and wider network.

Yesterday I uploaded a post in which I reflected on how I felt really inspired to do so and felt my heart expanding as an affirmation of ‘yes! do it!

Though after I posted it, I started to worry… did it sound amateur and poorly written? … was it boring? … how embarrassing writing a blog that no-one is following… what if my friends and family and work colleagues (all those who don’t already know about the blog) find out about it and then they will see a side of me that I never show them… and what if they think how stupid it is? … and judge me for it?  … and what if my family members who do know about the blog read it and think it’s stupid?

And then last night I was having more worrying and fearful thoughts.  I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t have posted it, and maybe I should have written about something else.. I mean it would have been boring, and then people would laugh at me to think that I think that what I’m going through would be of any interest to anyone else. Ha.  I was worried once again maybe the blog isn’t such a good idea after all.  And I worried that it’s getting harder to keep it anonymous, as what I talk about on the blog would be a dead giveaway to people who know me.  Not that anyone is going to see it of course…  blah blah blah.

Given all that, it was so amazing to receive an email this morning from Helen Jacobs’ weekly energy forecast which talks about wondering if it’s safe to change.  [Helen Jacobs is a Brisbane psychic/channel/soul guide who has recently released her first book You Already Know.] The email was titled Can we change and still belong?  Here’s some of things she says in the email:

We’re likely this week to wonder (more than usual) is it safe for me to do this? Is it safe for me to change? Will I still be loved, will I belong? … These are the themes of the week ahead, as I pulled the Base Chakra card. Change is here, calling to us… but can we feel safe and supported to make those changes?   Our sense of safety, security and belonging has to come from within —and we’re being asked to fortify this, this week.

She talks further about this in her podcast The Guided Collective [Episode 34, which I’ll be listening to today!  The title of this week is Belonging and Connecting.] 

And then mid-morning today I saw Susan Kennedy’s video of her weekly forecast on her Facebook group.  [Susan Kennedy is a medium and spiritual coach living on the Gold Coast].  She posts quite regularly and usually I don’t watch the videos. (On social media usually I just like to look at the posts and don’t worry about videos as they are time consuming; I’d rather read a written post that takes 30 secs to skim through than watch a 3 minute video).  But this time something prompted me to watch it.  And oh wow, yeah… most of the things she was saying was based around sharing your message and taking the risk to be authentic and being yourself by communicating what you believe in.  Here are some of the things she said which really encouraged me: 

  • Being authentic and being yourself
  • Take a risk, be the one that does something different
  • What is your intention for yourself – how to be who you already are
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Being tested about ‘what do you believe?’
  • You’re not alone.  Be who you are. Share your message
  • Be strong
  • Information has to be shared.  You have to share your light, your wisdom
  • What can you do that is authentic and real, and don’t hide yourself, don’t hide your thoughts.
  • Know that you have something amazing inside yourself to share
  • Take a risk and be a little bit different

So amazing.  That has to be a positive affirmation of continuing with the blog! 😊  [By the way, the other time I watched a video of hers, it also was really insightful for what I was going through at the time.]

Both communications I’ve received from these two incredible women have affirmed for me that yes, even though I’m fearful, I need to continue on with the blog anyway… that it is safe to be me and to share my message with the world. 

It makes me think of the book by Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and do it Anyway!

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

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