What does your heart say?

20th October 2019

I had a revelation come to me yesterday, which I wrote about at length in my journal (on my iPad with the Apple Pencil).  I decided to write about it as a blog post.  So I converted the journal pages to text and pasted into Word, then dicked around fixing up the errors in translation, deleting all the returns that the conversion puts in place, editing spelling mistakes etc.

This was a laborious fiddly process which was getting on my nerves (in hindsight).  I was listening to a playlist on Spotify [I’d used the Radio option based on one of my favourite songs, ‘Feeding Line’ by Boy and Bear] and one song came on that I haven’t heard before, and I quite liked it but didn’t take any notice of the song words so I had no idea what it was about.  [The song is ‘Follow the Sun’ by Xavier Rudd.]

But then just out of the blue, clear as day, I heard one phrase being sung clearly, just like it was someone saying it to me.

‘What does your heart say?’

This immediately grabbed my attention.  It would at any time (because I’m trying to listen to my heart in general), however this time in particular it was very pertinent, because just a couple of hours previously, while driving home in the car listening one of my playlists, I also heard songs about the heart.  The first song that came on was ‘My heart will go on’, and immediately after that one was ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.  [hehe, that shows my daggy taste in music haha.  And just to clarify, there’s not a lot of ‘heart’ based songs in my playlist, so it was a coincidence (or synchronicity) that there were two heart songs together, one after another].  I knew at the time that it was my guides telling me to take notice of my heart. 

Incidentally, while I heard those two songs, I had been thinking of buying a Coca-Cola on the way home, so I did think it was a plea from my inner self to think of my heart.. but I stopped to buy it anyway. [I had been off it for a couple of weeks, but something over the last couple of days has made me crave it again.  I’m still working on that one…]  After that I forgot about the message about my heart.

So once I heard ‘what does your heart say?’ being sung to me, I knew this time I had to stop and take notice.  Accordingly I stopped what I was doing and wrote in my journal, My darling heart, what do you say?

This prompted a back and forth dialogue with my heart on the pages of my journal.

My heart’s voice wrote: ‘Instead of using your mind/brain, settle into your body and listen to me instead’

While I was writing that, I was aware of the next song playing, called ‘Higher Love’.. it grabbed my attention because I noticed that I knew the words from somewhere, but the song wasn’t familiar.  I realised it was a cover version of a song I knew.  Because the title of ‘Higher Love’ is quite interesting from my perspective and all that I’m learning, I was prompted to look up the lyrics. [The song is originally by Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, but the one I was listening to was by James Vincent McMorrow.]

It wasn’t really a surprise to me that there were more references to the heart!  This is the first verse of the song:

Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine

Anyway, I then continued the dialogue with my heart, and she let me know that what I had been doing when I was starting the blog post was just time-wasting with fluffing around with the copying/pasting/deleting/editing – it was just focusing on the detail of a process, instead of the bigger picture and getting into the flow of expressing myself. 

This made me realise that the process I had been working on was just stifling my energy and made me feel contracted.

With that in mind, I asked my heart if she wanted me to write a blog post now or do something else, perhaps a heart clearing meditation (something which I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, brought about by a nudge from my guides – I’ll write a post on it 😊).  Her answer was resoundingly to write a blog post!  And I had the sensation in my heart where it feels like it’s expanding with a sense of love and happiness.  I realised that writing for the blog excites and energises me.  It helps clear the stuck energy.  It makes me feel expansive

But the thing I just needed to be aware of was how I had been going about it.  What I had been doing was wasting time getting stuck in a process that wasn’t really going to get me anywhere.  It would have just created a draft of a blog, and I probably wouldn’t have finished it, and then it would just be another ‘open-tab’ dragging me down, and I would have felt disheartened about the blog, and worried that I didn’t have time for it…etc etc. [oh, ‘disheartened’, yes, my heart knew that that is how it would make me feel and she grabbed my attention to tell me.]

I ended the conversation by thanking my heart for her advice and she thanked me too for listening to her, and she told me that we can do great things together when we work as a team!!  ❤  ❤  ❤

PS – ‘open tab’ is a term I read about in Dr Libby Weaver’s book ‘Exhausted to Energised’ referring to the analogy of open tabs in an internet browser, still open but unfinished, using up resources and draining energy and cluttering up your mind space.  She talks about it here.

PPS – The blog post I had originally wanted to write is still on my mind, hopefully I will write it tomorrow (without any more dicking around hehe)

Photo by me.

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