About Me

I live in Brisbane, (Queensland, Australia), and have done so for most of my life.  I’m forty-something, married, have two teenage kids, and work 4 days a week.
These facts aren’t what I use to define ‘who I am’, however it’s just a starting point to introduce myself.

I would like to define myself as an artist; it’s something I’ve always wanted to be, although I haven’t ever managed to get it together to be that artist.

Currently I work in a job which I love (which btw I consider myself to be very fortunate for) though it does not have anything to do with my true love of art and all things creative. I studied a visual arts degree straight after school, and was immersed in the creativity it afforded me; though once I left I procrastinated on actively creating any artworks or trying to make a career out of it. I have never managed to get back into the swing of it. Twenty odd years later I am going through a typical midlife crisis knowing that I haven’t done anything with my life that I had always dreamed of or assumed that my life would be like. I always thought my life would be full of creativity. Though life has just plodded along and I have let it slip by without taking charge of what I want. Unless I make a concerted effort to bring back the spark into my life, I feel I will remain forever dull.

Bringing back the spark in my life also relates to my health. Over the last 20 years I have put on 35 kilos (at my fattest point) and have yo-yo’d in weight throughout that time. I struggle to eat well and I know my health is suffering. I am not the energetic vibrant enthusiastic person I want to be. The kind of person who has the energy and passion for making creativity happen! I’ve always believed that your health is a reflection of your state of mind, and it was no wonder that I was so fat and heavy, as life was dragging me down. Life was ‘weighing’ me down.

In order to bring back the spark into my life I have started on a soul-searching journey.

I grew up in a hippy family and so had an open view to new age ideas and practices. Though this didn’t include spirituality; I considered myself to be an atheist like my parents were. In my child’s mind, it was laughable that a man sitting on a cloud would create humans to be the way we are, and then turn around and send us to hell for doing those same things that he created us to be able to do. When I was 18, I randomly (or perhaps serendipitously) came across Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, and was captivated by the new ideas that I hadn’t come across before; about loving yourself and healing through affirmations and meditations. It introduced me to the idea of a ‘higher power’ that was not related to the way the churches and religion define what God is.

I started to practice affirmations and over a few years I was able to make changes in my life. Though in my late twenties, for some reason I cannot explain, I decided to turn my back on the whole idea of new age philosophies, and, in hindsight, I think in the process I ignored my true inner self.

Now, some 20 years later, I realise I need to reconnect and start to listen to my soul’s whisperings again. The idea of a higher power has grown for me, and I consider spirituality and the connection to God/The Source/The Universe/Inner Soul/Great Spirit to be paramount to my healing and finding inner peace.

My journey along the path of strengthening this connection is what this blog is about.