Yin and yang of soul and spirit

I’ve been listening to ‘The Map of Your Soul’ by Tricia Brennan as an Audio Book. The library service is such a valuable service which I really appreciate. I’ve really enjoyed being able to listen to books while I’m driving on my own (usually on the way to pick up one of the kids).

Anyway back to the book, she talks about so many things that either confirm what I have believed, or given a new perspective on theories about the soul and universal spirit. 

She talks about the soul being feminine in nature, and our spirit as being masculine in nature. I have always been drawn to the idea of yin and yang and this idea of the soul and spirit as being two different things is a relatively new idea for me, but it makes sense, and I can relate to it.  The first time I came across it was just a couple of weeks ago, when I wanted to bring up my blog on the web, and started typing it into the web address bar, but accidentally typed in ‘heal your soul’ without thinking, and the WikiHow page came up with that title.  This article (it doesn’t say who wrote it) also talked about the soul as feminine and the spirit as masculine and them being two different parts.  It was s new idea to me then but it made me feel excited at the concept and related to the yin/yang aspect of it. I’ve always just used soul/spirit as interchangeable. 

The fact that this idea came to me twice, I think the universe (or angels or spirit guides) wanted me to get the message. 

I wasn’t particularly drawn to the book however I had pulled over to the side of the road at the beginning of my drive to quickly pick an audio book to listen to, and so I just randomly picked that one. 

Triple the love

I’ve had a terrible morning, I snapped this morning as I was getting into the car

Then I started yelling at myself – you stupid fucking bitch, I hate you, I HATE YOU!!!

The song on the car was Fight Song – which made me cry as I’m not following my guidance.  (referencing another blog entry).

Then at the intersection, as the light turned green, a bus drove across the intersection, I noticed it was the 111 bus, and then it stopped as the traffic was blocked so the bus blocked the intersection, so I couldn’t drive through. I thought to myself that the universe really wants me to stop and think about the triple number, and as I thought that, I noticed the bus had an advert that had the word ‘triple’ on it, and thought ‘yes, it really is trying to get my attention’. Then I realised the word ‘love’ was there too, so i took note. The wording of the ad was ‘triple the strawberry love’.

I think these triple numbers that I keep seeing (I’m constantly seeing them everywhere) are (or can be at least) a sign to me to feel the love from the universe.

Triple the love

Triple the love – The universe telling me to notice triple numbers and use them as a reminder to love myself.