Triple the love

I’ve had a terrible morning, I snapped this morning as I was getting into the car

Then I started yelling at myself – you stupid fucking bitch, I hate you, I HATE YOU!!!

The song on the car was Fight Song – which made me cry as I’m not following my guidance.  (referencing another blog entry).

Then at the intersection, as the light turned green, a bus drove across the intersection, I noticed it was the 111 bus, and then it stopped as the traffic was blocked so the bus blocked the intersection, so I couldn’t drive through. I thought to myself that the universe really wants me to stop and think about the triple number, and as I thought that, I noticed the bus had an advert that had the word ‘triple’ on it, and thought ‘yes, it really is trying to get my attention’. Then I realised the word ‘love’ was there too, so i took note. The wording of the ad was ‘triple the strawberry love’.

I think these triple numbers that I keep seeing (I’m constantly seeing them everywhere) are (or can be at least) a sign to me to feel the love from the universe.

Triple the love

Triple the love – The universe telling me to notice triple numbers and use them as a reminder to love myself.

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