I feel good

A reminder to FEEL GOOD

The night before last I woke in the night with the words ‘chocolate and sweet orange’. I know the sweet orange referred to the essential oil. That night I had been reading an entry in an old journal about how I had peppermint and sweet orange oils in the3 diffuser and it reminded of of how much I liked those two scents. Especially sweet orange – it has been my favourite since buying the oils a few months back.

Also peppermint/mint and orange are my favourite flavours with chocolate.

That morning I looked up what the sweet orange essential oil was meant to be good for. The flora opera.com website says “uplifting and worry-reducing properties” and “carries cheerfulness while simultaneously calms” and “to shift mental negativity and promote feelings of joy”. Wow, that all sounds to be relevant to me at the moment.

Then I looked up my Perfect Potion booklet and it’s description for sweet orange is “warming, uplifting and energising. It nourishes the soul, promotes creativity, sensuality and feelings of joy”. Wow, ‘nourishes the soul’!! That’s exactly what I’ve been working towards.

Also the colour orange has been inspiring me in the last couple of years as I feel it’s a colour for creativity, strength and empowerment. It also seems to be a cheerful colour.

Chocolate…. I wonder what it refers to…. The connotation for me regarding chocolate is the clique that it has endorphins to help make you feel happy.

Later that morning, when I got off the bus in the city on the way to work, I heard the usual busker guy who plays the electric piano. This time the music he was playing was really lively and upbeat. It lifted my mood, and I thought about how it made me feel better and just as I was thinking that, I had looked up and seen the Medibank sign that says “Feel Good”.  It makes me think of their usual slogan ‘I feel better now’. 

I feel better… I think the universe is trying to tell me to feel better. It’s important as per Abraham to FEEL good, to feel the excitement and gratitude and happiness.

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