Just breathe!

I’ve been feeling in the dumps the last couple of days. Same old – feeling depressed for being fat and for finding everything else to be a struggle. Feeling like I’m trying so hard but always failing and then feeling no motivation to do anything positive for myself. I yelled at myself in the mirror today: “you stupid ugly bitch!”

Anyway while walking down the street on the way to work this morning , I remembered to just. breathe. and stop analysing and judging and worrying… just breathe out… and breathe in… that’s all I need to do in this moment.

At that time I also was reminded about how lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how it helps to just think about something that makes me feel excited. This may seem a novel idea, but I now understand that just the act of thinking about something I want, or that excites me, or that inspires me, always make me feel better and it helps with feeling the connection to the source.   It is better than thinking about what I don’t want or what is depressing me.  I first came across this idea from the “Ask and It Is Given” book by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  What I gleaned from this book is that when I feel upset that something is not as I want it to be, that instead of thinking that it isn’t, to say to myself I hope that it will be.  This automatically changes the energy within the mind and body to feel positive instead of depressive, even if it’s only subtle.  I find this to work in situations where trying to say positive affirmations just makes it worse and aggravates the negative feeling.  I can’t remember if that’s exactly what was said in the book, or whether it’s just how I interpreted the contents in a way that worked for me.

I can see now why the word hope is such an emotive word throughout the world, and it is considered so important for those in need.  Without hope, it’s easy to give up.

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