This morning I wrote in my journal about three things.  One was about how I’ve been seeing a lot of triple numbers, and how I realised that instead of trying to use these signs as a way of asking myself questions (in order to get closer to my inner guidance) which I’ve always thought they should be for, (though as i don’t have time to do so when i see them, so it gets wasted), that instead I could just use them as a reminder to breathe and connect to the space around me.

The second thing was asking myself what i wanted for today, which was having my work tasks being completed smoothly and time this evening to write a post for this blog.

The third thing was listing the things i’m grateful for.  (I have been trying to ask these two questions to myself as a daily practice)

Today, I had so many triple numbers appearing!  The angels really were trying to get my attention, which I feel is a way of affirming my choice of using the signs as a reminder of breathing and feeling connected.  At work today I saw 1:11, 12:12, 12:22, 22/2, 333, 444,, 12/22, 3:33.

Now, just ten minutes ago I saw the time as 5:55, and this reminded me of my journal post and it made me think about how at work today I had achieved all the important things on my task list, and everything had gone smoothly.  And I felt grateful for this. Thank you to the universe!  I also then remembered that the other thing I had asked for today was time and motivation to write a blog post, which made me think ‘why not just write one now about this topic? as i know we’ll be busy later tonight.


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