Believe in Better

I was just watching TV while the ads were on. I saw a number plate on a car in a car ad and it had 777 as the numbers. That got my attention. Then the next ad had a baby turtle in it (which was soo cute btw) which also grabbed my attention (turtles being my sign lately – there’ll be a post on that) and then a beautiful kitten. It was a toddler formula ad so there was plenty of aww moments as they showed the cute toddlers. Then at the end of the ad, the words that came up on the screen were ‘Believe in Better’.

Now, firstly, the turtle reflects the sign for me when a practitioner is the right one for me for my healing. Also, I’ve just started reading ‘Ask and it is Given’ by xxxx (which btw was a message given to me too after I asked …. which will be another post) where it’s all about basically ‘believing in better’. (more here….)

Thanks again to the Source for constantly communicating to me!!

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