Listening to my body instead of thinking with my head

Last night in my journal I wrote about ‘checking in with my body when I crave coke, instead of letting my mind tell me that I want it.’

The idea of listening to my body, and feeling what it needs rather than listening to my mind, has been on my mind over the last week or so.

On another point, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘being in the now’, especially after my ‘Lisa’ messages (refer a previous entry, relating to In The Now).

So when I was going through the bookcase today (which I had to do in order to make room for all the new books I’d acquired over the Xmas and holiday period), as soon as I came across Eckhart’s ‘Practicing the Power of Now’ book I knew it was relevant for me at this time in my life. (Also the cover is orange, which has been a colour influencing me a lot lately).

And to bring it back to the beginning of this post…. I took a break from the clean out and lay down to read a bit of the book. I opened up to a random page, and there it was talking about ‘Don’t just think with your head, think with your whole body’.

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