Looking up

The other night I had a dream I was able to fly. It was while being in a standing up position and I could move around through the air.  I was able to move in the direction I wanted to go. As I was still learning how to fly I started to fall downwards a lot (while still in a standing position but falling down with the gravity).  After a little while I realised the trick of how to move upwards; when I turned my head upwards and leant back so I was facing upwards, I moved up through the air, and when I leant forwards with my head looking down I then moved downwards.

The next morning when I was walking through our building path, I was looking down at the path, and for some reason I thought of the dream and then realised that the dream was a metaphor for my life. I often feel that I am falling down in a heap or into a deep hole or even I feel I’m being dragged downwards and don’t know how to get back up again.  I’ve realised its like gravity, in this human world we are always being pulled down. But the trick to stay afloat and to move upwards is to look up (metaphorically and literally). I realise that I’m often dragging myself around with a heavy head looking down while being depressed. So it’s a matter of looking up (being positive) and leaning back (going with the flow).

As I was thinking these thoughts, I saw heaps of bird poo all over the path (yes, I was still looking down!). Which reminded me of another section of the dream where I was flying under a bridge or underpass and the tops of the buildings all were covered with bird poo. So I thought this was a sign that the thoughts I were having is what the dream guides wanted me to realise.  What the poo represented in the dream I wasn’t quite sure, but I’m still mulling over that.

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