Nurture the fire within

Nurture the fire within

I came across these words in a journal entry from 11/12/17. The idea still resonates with me.

Last night, when I thought about choosing my inner shining light, all I could sense was a darkened, dim barely-able-to-shine energy at my core.  This is what I need to nurture and allow to shine again.  Is this my soul (because our souls are shining lights) which I’ve ignored and which has been dampened and the fire has been put out?  The fire in my belly – is that what provides the inner shining light?

Remember the shining light is always there – but it needs to be uncovered so I can let it shine out into the world.

And I need to nurture the fire in my belly, I need to stop throwing water on it and give it oxygen and fuel – so stop flooding it with emotions [water], breathe fully [oxygen] and provide the right fuel [food].

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