Yelling at myself

I was dreaming last night that a young woman at work was being a bitch and then stormed off when I tried to reprimand her. At one stage I was saying to her that it is so rude to yell at someone saying that you are really angry or upset with them and then walk off and refuse to listen to them for their side of the story.  When I woke up I knew this woman represented me when I yell at myself internally for not being good enough but then don’t honour myself by listening to what my feelings are trying to tell me.  I don’t give myself a chance to express how I’m feeling or let out my emotions. The fact that she was young probably refers to me being immature.  (The woman in the dream wasn’t actually anyone I do know at work, but I wonder if the situation of being ‘at work’ refers to things in my life which I consider ‘work’, like working on improving myself.)

In the dream, when I tried to confront her, she stormed off and didn’t listen to me.  She refused to be pulled up on her behaviour.  Which, if I’m honest with myself, is just like me, when I refuse to acknowledge to myself that I need to change my behaviour or that I need to listen to how I’m feeling.

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