Getting it done

leaves on the ground - photo for blog post

I’m trying to finalise the two menu items ‘About Me’ and ‘About this Blog’ as I think that once I have these two pieces finished on the blog, I will be able to make it public, and then start writing regular posts.

When writing for the post ‘about this blog’, I googled the internet to find the actual quote about ‘if you’re going to do a job, you should do it well’ and in the process I found this quote:

“Do it badly; do it slowly; do it fearfully; do it any way you have to, but do it.”
― Steve Chandler, author of Reinventing Yourself: How to Become the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Yes!  This is an affirmation to continue to write this blog, even though I am doing it in all three ways (badly, slowly, fearfully).

NB I also found the quote I was looking for: If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.  (refer the menu item About this blog, which is on it’s way)

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