Beautiful butterflies

As I was walking through the garden path on the way to the bus this morning I saw 4 or 5 beautiful small white butterflies which were hovering around together in the herb garden. Oh, I thought, it’s a sign from the angels to relax and lighten up (I had been feeling all dark and moody with thoughts of ‘oh it’s all too hard’). Which then reminded me to ‘look up’ (re last post) and as I did I saw beautiful white frangipanis in bloom and so I took this beauty in and let it make me feel better. Then I looked down briefly and smiled at myself as I saw all the bird poo on the path (re another post) as another reminder so I looked up and then saw another tree in bloom with beautiful white flowers (Im not sure what type). My beautiful guides are really trying to show me the beauty of life and to enjoy it. Thank you.

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