My guardian angel, my gift from God

Photo by Leigh Heasley.

Last night I received an email from IFTTT to say that my Pinterest account wasn’t linked up anymore so I logged into my Heal My Soul Pinterest account (which incidentally I haven’t been on for months now).  The first Pin that came up on the feed was one called Connecting with Your Guardian Angel which I clicked on to read.  

One of the suggestions the author spoke about was to often ask for help.  With this in the back of my mind, this morning I started writing to my guardian angel in my journal, with the idea to ask for help about my weight and my Coca-Cola addiction (yes, I am drinking it again, and way too much of it, there’s been plenty of half-written draft posts about this which I haven’t finished! Haha)

Before I talk about the journal entry, I realise that I should explain about my guardian angel as I don’t think I have I have brought it up in this blog yet.  A few years back, I had read in a book (I think from memory it was Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette) that to find out the name of your guardian angel, it will be the first one that comes into your mind. So I asked myself the question, and the name Jonathan rushed into my head, without any thinking on my part.  It was just suddenly the name that came to me.  Because I hadn’t allowed myself the time to connect, breathe, be silent and allow the question, at the time I wondered if it had been my mind which just made it up, especially because I have always liked the name Jonathan.  But I went with it as it was the first name that came into my head, without any thought put into it.  And, if my mind was going to analyse the question to come up with an answer, I’m sure I would have picked a feminine name! 

Over the years I have used the name Jonathan and it usually always does feel right, however because that first time I hadn’t done an intention setting exercise or hadn’t asked in a meditative way, sometimes there a little niggly feeling, is that really the name?  I guess it just came to me in such a rushed, non spiritual way without any ah-ha moments or with any great emotional realisation etc, I have always wondered if it was just my mind making it up.

So back to my journal entry, I started to write to Jonathan, but before I reached the point of asking my question, I started with

Dear Jonathan

Oh the other thing is I don’t know how to spell it, I get confused and often go to write it with an -on but then change it back to -an.  Just now, I wrote -on and changed it back to -an.

I still don’t know of course if that is your name, and whether you are a male of female entity…

As my mind was thinking in the background, I remembered how several months back I had looked up how to spell it and during that google search I found a reference to the meaning of the name Jonathan, which was ‘a gift from God’.  This was an ‘aha’ moment for me at the time.

As I was thinking about that, I then remembered out of the blue, which I hadn’t really taken much notice of last night, was that the article I read last night said that guardian angels are gifts from God.  Omg, another ‘aha’ moment!

So that made me realise that Jonathan is trying to tell me that it is his name!  Which also answers the question about if he is male or female.  

[Edit – a few days later as I was still wondering how to spell it, I asked him to show me with the next time I see the name. Not long after I opened Instagram and the first post that came up was by someone called Jonathan! So now I know how to spell it!]

Photo by Leigh Heasley from Pexels

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